Thursday, January 26, 2012

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Under $10k and Bored!

I now owe $9996! I'm under $10k in debt.

My finances have been quite boring. It's kind of on auto pilot right now. I just wait every payday and disburse my money to the bills, debt and the rest is mine.

I'm feeling stuck in a rut, but it's a good rut I guess!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

June 28th, 2012!

If my calculations are correct (they are) and there are no unexpected large expenses and no overspending I will be debt free on June 28th, 2012! 15 months after starting this debt free journey $25k of debt will be gone!

This past year has been tough. I still have some bad habits that I need to work on, but I know I've also accomplished a lot.

June 28th can't come any faster. I'm looking forward to 2012! Ready to close the 2011 chapter.


Wednesday, November 9, 2011

When It Rains, It POURS!

2011 was actually a pretty calm year.

Aside from my wonderful debt free journey and a really bad car accident that resulted in a financial windfall, the year has been pretty normal.

Within the last month, it has been going to hell in a hand basket, pardon my french.

My boyfriend's childhood home is now officially owned by a bank. Thanks to his dad who didn't pay for the mortgage. FYI his parents are no longer married.

My parent's are legally separating after 30+ years of marriage, my dad is moving back to his homeland in January (a third world country in Asia).

It has been quite overwhelming! I can't help but feel these mixed emotions of disappointment, sadness, anger, etc. etc. mainly disappointment.

These are our damn parents making really bad decisions! People we used to put on pedastals.

And what does it all lead to?!? BAD "FINANCIAL" DECISIONS.

My boyfriend's dad gambles. That equates to losing your home even though he has a great job and military retirement pay.
My dad is impatient, and at 57 is cashing out his large 401k so he can go back home and party hardy! Hello taxes and penalties!
I don't feel like my mom is protecting her property and finances from my dad.

My naturally positive and optimistic self is trying to deal with this in the best way possible.
- These are lessons to learn. Personal & emotional.
- It will only get better, when you're down the only way is back up.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

OH YEAH: My Car!

I'm back and I feel good!

I'm officially down to 1 more student loan and a little thing called my car loan!

I didn't mention this before since the car loan was under my dad's name. I've been giving him $250 a month to pay for it since I started my full-time job in 2009.

WELL, After accompanying my boyfriend to purchase his first car a few months ago (he's been driving hand me downs). He wasn't approved for the preferred rate with the dealership because he's never had a car loan before.

My boyfriend has great credit and savings so he called his credit union and they approved him for a car loan in just a few minutes.

I've been giving my pops money to pay for my car since 2009, I should be getting credit for paying my car! So we transferred the car loan to my name. It's now officially my debt.

Here's my numbers!
Student Loan: $6469 at 5.72%
Car Loan: $6851 at 3.99%
Emergency Fund: $1000
Savings: $5360

I'm very proud of my numbers now! The little savings fund is actually a big pile of money I'm stacking to pay off my car loan in one nice swoop early next year.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Wise Decision: Financial Windfall.

So I made the best of my bodily injury settlement and paid off a student loan!
The rest went straight to savings.

I now have two student loans left.
Student Loan 1: $6556 at 5.69%
Student Loan 2: $1989 at 2.22%

I'm planning on paying off my Student Loan 2 in 5 paychecks! So come October, I will have my last student loan left.

$8545 left! I'm going to finish the rest of this year strong!