Wednesday, October 26, 2011

OH YEAH: My Car!

I'm back and I feel good!

I'm officially down to 1 more student loan and a little thing called my car loan!

I didn't mention this before since the car loan was under my dad's name. I've been giving him $250 a month to pay for it since I started my full-time job in 2009.

WELL, After accompanying my boyfriend to purchase his first car a few months ago (he's been driving hand me downs). He wasn't approved for the preferred rate with the dealership because he's never had a car loan before.

My boyfriend has great credit and savings so he called his credit union and they approved him for a car loan in just a few minutes.

I've been giving my pops money to pay for my car since 2009, I should be getting credit for paying my car! So we transferred the car loan to my name. It's now officially my debt.

Here's my numbers!
Student Loan: $6469 at 5.72%
Car Loan: $6851 at 3.99%
Emergency Fund: $1000
Savings: $5360

I'm very proud of my numbers now! The little savings fund is actually a big pile of money I'm stacking to pay off my car loan in one nice swoop early next year.

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