Thursday, December 2, 2010

25 years old and $13+ in Debt.

I turned 25 years old 12 days ago.

And I am $13,933.34 in debt. It feels both good and bad to write this. Bad because the number is huge to me and good because I'm finally admitting to it.

I've decided to write this blog about getting rid of debt, saving more, strides and hopefully just a few mistakes.

A few things about me:
- I am 25 years old.
- I work a full-time job in a financial retirement company. It's my first job out of college. I graduated in December 2008 and I've been here since March 2009.
- I am salaried at $39,655 per year. This number is before any deductions or taxes.
- I live with my parents in a major city in Southern California.
- No husband or kids.

I have a problem.

What motivated me to write a blog of my own is that I've been reading a lot of financial and debt journey blogs. Very empowering.

Second, this past Monday I spent $65 on Hello Kitty stuff at Yes, I paid with my debit card, but after I pressed submit I said to myself "Seriously?!", why am I buying this stuff? I like things. No doubt I love my family, friends, boyfriend and traveling more, but I like stuff too. And I need to stop.

I think everyone is aware of the basic fundamentals of finance: save money, spend within your means, don't get into debt. But you know what we're human in a consumer-driven society. But I must be accountable and work on striking a balance.

Next blog I'll break down my current debt.

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