Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas 2010.

Goodbye Christmas 2010. I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday. Mine consisted of family, friends, food, sweets, naps, then repeat.

So I'm back after 20 days. Here's the holiday shopping damage rounding up a bit, I'm scared!

My immediate family:
Brother: $60 (3 T-shirts/Ammo, he's a gun collector)
Mom: $75 (A Really Nice Jacket for Europe/Gloves)
Dad: $65 (T-Shirt/Ammo/Socks)
Mom & Dad: $30 (Family Picture and picture frame)
Our 2 Dogs: $13 (2 Rawhide bones/Toy)
TOTAL: $243

Boyfriends family:
Boyfriend: $230 (Car Audio Deck/ipod Nano)
Little Brother: $40 (gym shorts/socks)
His Mom: $60 (nike jacket/picture and picture frame)
His Dad: $40 (gym pants/picture and picture frame)
His Grandma: $40 ($30 cash/picture and picture frame)
His Grandma #2: $40 ($30 cash/picture and picture frame)
TOTAL: $450

5 of my gal pals: $40 (Pajamas at $7 each)
White Elephant Gift: $28
TOTAL: $68

Friends Kids: Thankfully my boyfriend covered most of the cost this year
Friend's Daughter: $50 (Target Gift Card)
Godson & Friend's Son: $40 (Target Gift Card)
TOTAL: $90

Gift Wrap/Boxes/Bows:
TOTAL: $15


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