Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Debt Update: Paycheck 6/2.

STUDENT LOANS $11,258.00
CC $1,733.00
TOTAL: $12,991.00

STUDENT LOANS $11,211.00
CC $1,217.00
TOTAL: $12,428.00

Did $516 worth of debt damage to my credit card. Two more payments of $517 and $700 and it is gone.

I've introduced credit cards back in my life. I have been using a credit card for daily purchases. It's actually one of the first credit cards I've ever had from 2005. It has a cute max credit limit of $200. Of course, I've been paying it off before any interest is applied to my purchases.

Mentally I'm still all in this debt elimination plan. I can't wait for July, credit card free and I'll be tackling my student loans $700 at a time!

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