Thursday, June 23, 2011


Okay I've been paying off my debt so much that it barely leaves me with anything to live off of. It's really uncomfortable for me!

I'm not going to stop my debt repayment plan but I've re-done it. I was planning on paying off Student Loan #3, but instead I've decided to save.

2011 Paychecks: Snowball/Plan
14 7/14/2011 $1,044.00 SAVE IN CHECKING
15 7/28/2011 $1,044.00 SAVE IN ING
16 8/11/2011 $1,044.00 SAVE IN ING

I'm not going to be debt free by the end of the year, because I moved some stuff around. But I really want to beef up my checking and savings account.

I will have one student loan left at the end of the year, I keep telling myself it's okay.

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