Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Blog Surfing!

I've been going crazy reading financial blogs for motivation and keep trying to get it engraved in my head that I need to get serious about eliminating debt. It's crunch time now!

I've done the math and my tally of debt is now $15,655!
$11,631 Student Loans
$4,024 Credit Cards
Student Loan balance has gone down, but I used my credit card for my two recent trips.

I've taken my first baby step to stop using my credit card and an obvious "duh"! move, which is not carrying it in my purse anymore! I only have my debit card and I'm leaving my credit cards at home.

I've decided to update this blog on a regular basis and mandatorily every paycheck. I have 20 paychecks left this year so I'm hoping I can do some damage with my debt.

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