Tuesday, March 29, 2011

My Very First Credit Card.

I remember my first credit card, it was my second year college I was 19 years old and my roommate had an iPod. I wanted one too! So I went on the Apple website picked a pretty green one, applied for financing and got approved! Woohoo!

My iPod came in the mail, I was excited starting downloading songs and used it quite frequently. I received the bill and the minimum payment was a very small amount. I had a part-time job so no big deal.

I started noticing all the Capital One credit card offers and decided to apply for those too. I remember I would get approved for a $300 limit, then I remember I got approved for an $800 limit. I was rich!

Here I am now at 25 years old and I have no clear idea of what I bought. I know I bought clothes, makeup, food. All that stuff maybe it's in my closet, maybe I donated it, but it was just stuff. There's nothing realy to show for all my debt.

I still have my green iPod which broke about a year ago. It's a dud now compared to the new and improved ones out there. I still keep it as a reminder of my very first experience with credit cards.

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