Thursday, March 24, 2011

Calm Down! & Debt Update.

So I was in charge of my bosses office babyshower today. I tend to get over excited for these type of things.

Don't even ask me about my best friend's baby shower. I spent well over $500 on planning hers not including food. That was just decorations, a diaper raffle prize, giveaways for the guests and her present. I went full out!

So I was telling myself don't spent too much this time around. But I feel like I splurged. I spent about $80 on a present and $80 on food, and there was only 9 of us.

I hate asking people for money too. So I was reimbursed only about $25 for the food.

I don't regret seeing all of them happy but I know I should calm down! That extra order of breadsticks or custom name stickers don't make the party, it's really the thought that counts.

Anyways here's my debt update from the last time I wrote. I was paid today and there's still some payments coming out for my student loans:
LOANS $11,631.00
CC $3,338.00
$14,969.00 IN DEBT

I'm back under the 15k mark.

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