Tuesday, April 5, 2011


I have a confession. No one really knows how in debt I am.

They know I'm in debt, but I've never fully exposed how much it actually is. Even my boyfriend of 10 years who gives me full access to his finances, finance records even bank passwords doesn't know. I tell my parents it's $2500, my boyfriend and friends $5000, but I haven't told them that I'm almost 15k in debt.

It's just such a large number.

Why don't I tell someone close to me, even just one person? I feel ashamed, guilty and most of all stupid. I make one of the higher salaries out of my friends. I also work in the financial industry, I'm on the side that advocates saving for retirement. So I tell you blog world.

I've been progressing with my debt. I haven't used my credit cards and I'm almost done paying off all my trip (Europe & Miami) debt. This paycheck I'll owe only about $480 on my trip debt. Depending on how much I have left after savings and bills I can maybe throw $230 at it making my remaining debt trip debt $250. I'm giving my self a pat on the back because when I came home from Europe my card was at $1600+!

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