Monday, May 23, 2011

Hello $12k!

I'm in the $12k range!

I have 1 credit card left, then I'm tackling my student loans the rest of this year.

The Plan:
I will try to eliminate my last credit card of $1733 in 3 paychecks. That's almost half my take home pay per paycheck but I'm determined!

Now for the numbers:
Total Debt: $15,655

Total Debt: $13,490

STUDENT LOANS $11,258.00
CC $1,733.00
TOTAL: $12,991.00

I found a wonderful blog called Debtspiration ( It's a blog full of money quotes. I come back and read Debtspiration from time to time.

My favorite quote:
"I want you to realize that whether all of this takes a week, a month, or a year, that precious and limited time is going to pass whether you are doing something about your life or not. I promise you that at this precise moment next year, your life will be better or worse than it is right now. It will not be the same; the choice to improve it or let it decay is undeniably yours."
— Phil McGraw, Ph.D., Self Matters

Love it and all it's applications! You'll either be fatter or skinnier, more in debt or less in debt, have more savings or nothing at all at this precise moment next year. I wonder where I will be in May 2012? One day at a time.

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