Monday, May 2, 2011

5/5 Paycheck and The Beach.

We've been having lovely weather here in Southern California, I went to the beach two days in a row over the weekend. Best free thing you can do is get your umbrella and beach towel set-up, get your book out and just soak up some sun.

I've been reading Your Money, Your Life and I think it's an "okay" book so far. Not as motivating as Total Money Makeover.

My 5/5 paycheck will be doing some debt damage, can't wait till Thursday to get those payments in. That includes a big hit to my Best Buy credit card! One more payment after this and my Best Buy credit card is officially paid off.

I'm trying to knock out my last credit card, a Citi card in 3 paychecks. That means throwing $500+ at it three times! I can do this!

I'll update my numbers soon.

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