Friday, May 13, 2011


How do you budget?

I keep it pretty simple budgeting paycheck to paycheck and I use post-it notes!

My take home pay after taxes and deductions is $1234.
I pay myself first so a direct deposit goes into my ING savings then I direct deposit my dad my car payment (he bought me a car in 2007).

That leaves me with about $919-$1044 (depends on how much I put in savings) for bills, gas, food and debt.

Let's take this coming 5/19 paycheck.

I get out my handy dandy post-it note and write the following:
- Paycheck date 5/19-6/2 (6/2 will be my next paycheck).
- All bills due between 5/19-6/2 in this case a cell phone, student loan, gas & electric.
- I put a (+) sign next to any debt I'm snowballing. In this case my Best Buy credit card at $435.
- $919 on the bottom left is how much money total I have.
- $322 is how much I have after paying for bills and debt snowball ($919-$597). So that $322 is gas, food and fun money.

I set up my next post-it a few days after payday. Tada!

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