Thursday, April 7, 2011

4/7 Paycheck.

A big sigh of relief. I only have $200 left to pay off my Euro/Miami trip balance, this balance was $1600+ just two months ago.

It feels good! So after this $200 is paid off I can focus on my last two credit cards. I got these two cards last year because of splurges.

The first card is a Best Buy card. At least it's tangible stuff. I managed to rack up $920 buying a DSLR camera, water-proof digital camera, a XBox Kinect and two games. Although I'm happy with my two camera purchases since I use it often, I've only played the Kinect like 3 times. I'll never buy electronics or games on impulse. I'm just not a video game person and oh yeah $920 bill? No thank you.

A part of me wants to sell the Kinect. I also got a Nintendo DS like two birthdays ago that I used maybe twice. Maybe I can sell that too. I'll sit on it for awhile, but there's a likely possibility I might go that route.

The other card is a Citi card I took a 0% intro APR on till next year. This splurge was a Las Vegas trip last September, for my friends bachelorette party. The bill was $1783 in one weekend. Best girls weekend ever! So much so that I have no desire to go back to Las Vegas ever again. Okay maybe again someday, but never spending that much on a weekend ever. I could have went to Kauai, Hawaii a trip I've been wanting to go on for awhile.

I plan on spreading out my paycheck to pay both of these credit cards off between the next 5-7 paychecks. I'm more determined then ever to pay these off and not use my credit cards.

I also threw $169 at my student loans this paycheck.
And!!!!! I also cleaned house on my store credit cards. I closed my Kohl's, New York and Company and Target card.

I know it'll dent my credit score closing these account. But I still have 6 other credit cards, with large credit limits and one was opened back in 2005 as well as 2006.

It feels good to get rid of those low credit limit cards and it's kind of a freeing experience. Be gone temptation and consumer debt!

I'll update my credit card and loan numbers once everything has been processed, but all signs lead to progress!

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