Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Mentally Challenged.

So like I mentioned before the daughter of one of my best friend's is turning 1 in two weeks. I've been fighting the urge to splurge for her gift and I won!

I really wanted to get her earrings. I have bad skin reactions to fake earrings and her being a little one I wanted to avoid that so the only criteria in my book for her gift was that it was real gold.

I found a website that sells fine jewelry for children and there were these $85 earrings that I was dying to click and buy. But I've been telling myself the past few days that the price is just way too much! I was looking around online and remembered KMart!

I went on that website and they have a wonderful sale on earrings, plus free shipping plus $10 off your order.

I found some beautiful earrings that are real gold at a fraction of that price. It's a small feat for me.

If you didn't know my weakness is buying fairly expensive gifts for people I love. It just makes me feel good. But it's also gotten me into credit card charging trouble as well.

So I beat this challenge!

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